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Search engine submission overview

Getting your site on top of search engines and keeping it there requires alot of work. There are many search engines on the internet, most of which require you to manually submit your site to in order to get listed.

Some search engines offer free submission, others require payment before listing your site. Submitting your site is only the first step to achieving a good ranking on search engines.


Search engine options

Submitting your site to search engines can be a daunting task for those who are new to online business. Most of the popular search engines and directories (MSN, Yahoo!, Google, Altavista, etc.) require a minimal fee for reviewing your site and listing it in their search database.

These search engines usually offer other types of paid advertising as well, including banner ads and keyword matches that guarantee your site comes up first when someone types your specified keyword(s).


Per Day


91 million


60 million


28 million


16 million


13 million


6 million


213 million


Directory listings

There are many free directories that you should submit your website to. The Open Directory Project and Yahoo! are the largest directories and you should get your site listed on both.

Getting listed in the popular directories

Some of the most important incoming links to you site are from the major online directories such as Yahoo! Directory. Being listed in the YAHOO! directory carries alot of weight and greatly influences the results of other search engines.

Since YAHOO! reviews your site by hand, and not with a robot, they only accept good, quality, unique sites into their directory. In order for your site to pass the review process, it must pass a strict validation process.


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