Client Testimonial - N8-Music


n8 is professional musician who wanted a website that could easily be updated from remote areas using any computer with access to the internet.

The website was designed specifically to showcase n8's music and function as an online portfolio.

n8 is able to upload songs and update any of the material presented without any assistance or notification.

New added features such as the 'track rating system' allow n8 to see how people passing through receive his work.

Features like this make the website interactive and help facilitate repeat visits.

"With over 10 years working with Andrew I know first hand his work is extraordinary. The administration at was made specifically for me from the start and I have total content management.

As the technology improves and new ideas are presented my admin is updated. If I ever think of something I want on there Andrew implements the idea quickly. Second to none in my opinion."
~ N. A. Hassall

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