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Get the most out of search engine advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods can be employed before or after submitting your site to search engines. SEO is the process of modifying your webpage design and copy text to allow your site to be indexed properly by search engine robots.


Keyword research

With your input, we can determine what your most important keywords and keyword phrases are for each page on your website. This can be accomplished using a variety of tools which allow you to view the popularity of certain keywords on different search engines. You may also want to find out what keywords your competitors are using in their search advertising campaigns. The keywords you choose will be used in a variety of ways to increase the chances of someone finding your page on search engines more easily.


Pay-per-click advertising vs. organic search results

The two main types of search results are called organic and paid. Organic results are generated from a pagerank algorithm and the results usually appear in the main body of a search engine. Paid advertisments and search results are highlighted on top or listed along the side of the page and are generated from active pay-per-click advertising.

Pay-per-click advertising is a service offered by the major search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo!) which enables you to set up a personal account and bid on certain keywords. The more popular a keyword, the more you have to pay. Prices can range from $0.30 to $1.00 per keyword which is added to your account everytime somebody clicks on your ad.

Google Adwords, Yahoo! Overture, and Microsoft MSN have pay-per-click advertising services.


The power of incoming links

Many of the major search engines base a large part of your ranking on the number of incoming links to your site. In other words, you will get a higher page rank if you have many quality sites that are linking to your site. A quality site is one that already shows up well on search engines.


Increase the number of quality inbound links

To determine how relevent your site is to a given search query, most search engines will rank your site based on a combination of inbound links (75%) and the page content itself (25%). The process of developing more inbound links to your site is called link building. You will increase your search engine relevancy if other, quality websites are linking to you and they already possess a high PageRank value.


What is PageRank and how do I enable myself to see it?

PageRank is Google's way of determining the overall importance of a website and its contents. For any search performed in google, the page with the highest assigned PageRank will appear at the top and work its way down. Your site's relevancy to a specific keyword will be based on the content of your page and the origin and importance of your incoming links.

You can view the PageRank for any webpage by downloading the free Google toolbar. Once downloaded, you must activate the PageRank feature in the options menu.

Business to business relationships on the internet

Link building is equivilent to making friends through website linking. A good way to start is to contact your friends, family, clients, suppliers and find out if they have a website and if they can add a link pointing to your site. Being active in a community site such as MySpace can be great for developing contacts and finding people with similar interests and businesses.


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