The Website Design Process - Overview


A. Planning Stage

Once an order for a website package is placed, an initial consultation with the web designer will be arranged. Decide on what pages, sections and features will appear on your site and develop a menu (category) structure. List your goals and expectations for your website.

A 50% deposit is required at the beginning of the project.

B. Development Stage

Design concepts will be produced after the initial consultation with a web designer. We will then work through a number of alterations and revisions until the design concept is finialized. All of the content must now be provided by you including page copy, product and service information, and marketing material. Keyword research will be conducted to determine the most appropriate page titles, meta tags, and body text.

C. Implementation Stage

Once the website design is approved, it will be converted into a working template for use on the various pages of your website. Your chosen content pages, including your home page, will be created to match the design. You may search through our collection of photographs and illustrations to add to your site. Throughout the creation process, regular contact is required to allow feedback and ensure satisfaction. Search engine optimization techniques will be employed on all pages.

D. Completion Stage

A temporary (beta) site will be set up to allow complete testing of all features, usability and administration. Once all pages and functions on the website have been approved, it will be published onto the web and submitted to all major search engines.

The remaining 50% is to be paid upon completion of the project.


For Questions or to Order, Contact: 416-676-8078


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