Website Development Frequently Asked Questions


1) How much does a website cost?

The average small business website can cost between $650 and $3,500. This would usually include a custom website design package and development of 6-20 content pages. In addition, an E-commerce solution can be included allowing a product database, shopping cart, checkout system, and online payments.


2) What should I do before getting started on a website?

Typically, you would gather all of the resources that you will be using on the website. This includes all of the page content including text, images, photos, and diagrams.

You should also consider the types of pages you will have and their individual attributes including accessibility, usability, and marketability. Here are a few questions to answer when defining the boundaries of your website project:

What do you want the website to do for your clients or customers?

What do you want the website to do for you or your company?

What types of online functionality do you want to include on your site?

How soon will you need the site up and running?

Will you be selling a product(s) or service(s) online?

Will you be accepting credit card payments online?


3) Specifically, what information should I provide?

A list of 3-5 domain names

Pages and categories that will appear on your site

Images, diagrams and pictures to include on your site

Concept drawings, colour scheme or general design scheme

Printed material to use as inspiration for your website

Information about your company, products and services


4) What is a domain name and how do I choose one?,,, are all examples of domain names. Many times, it is possible to have as your domain name. However if that name is taken you have to be a bit more creative. It is best to provide a short list of domain names which will be checked for availabiliity. Domain names can include the many different extensions, therefore if is taken, you may want to try The most popular extensions are listed below:

.com - Commercial
.ca - Canada
.net - Network
.org - Organization
.edu - Educational
.gov - Government
.mil - U.S. Military
.coop - Cooperative
.arpa - ArpaNet
.ac - Acedemic
.int - International
.aero - Aviation
.nom - Personal
.store - Retail
.web - Resources
.tv - Television
.info - Information
.name - Personal
.pro - Professional
.firm - Professional
.nato - NATO
.cn - China
.biz - Business

Many of these domain extensions are reserved for special organizations such as governments, museums, institutions, etc. and cannot be purchased unless specifically authorized. Please note that every country also has its own extension (.ca for Canada).

Some people will have multiple domain names directed to the same website. This is beneficial when you want to cover several variations of your name and account for misspellings or short forms that people might be looking for.


5) What is web hosting and why do I need it?

Web hosting implies renting space on a remote computer (server) operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any files associated with your website are uploaded to the server and become available for anyone to access over the internet. Your domain name is pointed to the server and re-directed to the location of your files.

Web hosting costs can vary alot, and the geographical location of the servers can have an impact on search engine results from different areas. Web hosting companies usually charge monthly or yearly subscriptions. Free web hosts will display an advertisment on your webpage to pay for the rental.

Fully featured website hosting including detailed statistics is included in all of our website packages.


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